About Tori

I am a licensed doctor of physical therapy in the state of Colorado who specializes in pelvic dysfunction—meaning that I hold a clinical doctorate and have taken continuing education courses to further my speciality in pelvic health. I am also a teacher’s assistant at Herman & Wallace, the premier, private pelvic health institution that offers continuing education courses for health care providers in the United States.

However, I am also a person who has successfully healed from four “chronic, mysterious” conditions in my lifetime—two of which had to do with my pelvis, chronic urinary tract infections and pudendal neuralgia.

While I recognize that truly chronic, permanent health conditions do exist, it is my firm belief that Western medicine too quickly labels other conditions as chronic, when they are, in fact, curable—as was true in all four of my cases. My personal healing experiences have taught me to rely radically on myself, listen to my intuition and cultivate that relationship with my body, embrace trial and error, and trust in my body’s innate ability to heal itself (given the right conditions and optimal healing environment). I marry these tenants with my professional expertise in the coaching services that I offer and the content that I create, because I believe that everyone deserves to feel peace in their body and their mind, and that the human body is so much more powerful than we realize. I also believe that I’m not special, that how I’ve been able to heal isn’t unique, and that anyone can do what I’ve done and what I’m doing—including you.

Learn more about my thoughts on healing here.

It was these feelings that originally motivated me to create Pelvic Empowerment, and continue to propel me on my mission. You can work with me here, check out my YouTube channel here, or continue to browse around the website. I wish you the best in your healing journey and I’m honored to be any part of it, however small. Keep going, don’t give up, and thank you for being here.